My goal is to capture the excitement of a fresh snowfall, a colorful flower, an interesting building, or a spectacular sunset.  I am an avid photographer, always ready for that special photo.  I mostly enjoy painting from reference photos in my home studio, but paint in plein air on occasion. 
       Some of the subjects I paint are old Indiana barns, covered bridges, and Michigan lighthouses; backyard birds, butterflies and flowers; trees and leaves at various times of the year;  people, both live and statuary; and fountains, fish, and falls.  Each change in the season is an opportunity to capture a new view of the world around me.  
       While concentrating mostly on subjects at home, I also paint from my travels.  Some examples  are:  the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Bushkill Falls, Mystic, Hawaii, Niagara, Mackinaw Island and Washington D.C. at cherry blossom time.   
My paintings are colorful, celebrating the beauty of what I see around me, both in what man and  God have created.